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Atlanta Psych and Wellness Center is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality, yet cost effective psychiatric services. We accept all major credit cards.




We do NOT accept insurance at this time. A insurance-free environment allows us to be able to deliver expedited care to our patients.


Rates are located on our Home Page > "Book an Appointment."

Book Online or Call Today:

Additional Fees:

There is an additional fee for completion of forms including:

  • $250 Service Animal Certification Letter

  • $150 Emotional Support Animal Certification Letter

  • $50 Same-Day Appointment Cancellation/No-Show Fee 

  • $50 Refill Fee Between Appointments (2-weeks supply)

  • $100 Special Accommodation Forms (ex. school/work)

  • $100-$150 Administrative Fee for Completion of Forms/Paperwork

  • Family Medical Leave of Absence (FMLA) approval (case-by-case fee)

Save time before seeing a healthcare provider by completing your forms before your appointment: 
online here >
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